Systemic Yeast Infection Treatment

systemic yeast infection treatmentSystemic yeast infection treatment is necessary when a normal yeast infection has gotten out of control and is now invading other areas of the body such as the blood, urinary tract, and the liver. The yeast cells actually turn into a nasty fungus that can leave you with headaches, fatigue, a compromised immune system, and respiratory problems.

First and foremost, you will need to cease taking birth control pills and antibiotics, as these are two of the biggest culprits for yeast infections.

Systemic yeast infections cannot be cleared up with creams, ointments, or suppositories due to its aggressive nature. Holistic remedies seem to be the best course to take when dealing with a systemic yeast infection. Click here to learn how to treat systemic yeast infections permanently.

Cleaning up one’s diet is the top priority with this type of infection. No sugar. No carbohydrates. Lots of water and an introduction of probiotics either in capsule form or through yogurt is a must for those suffering with this infection. Detoxification is also in order if you want to really clean out your system and start from square one. Herbs are also a great way in healing your damaged system.

You can also get a prescription from your doctor to help in aiding with the elimination of the overabundance of yeast in your body. The prescribed medication will help break down the yeast and help your body to get rid of the fungus that has taken over. If you use the doctor’s prescription–most likely Diflucan–in conjunction with the holistic remedies listed above, you should have no problem in eradicating this nasty infection from your body.

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