Multiple Yeast Infections – Reasons for Them and How to Stop Them

multiple yeast infectionsYou have tried the drugs the doctors have prescribed and every over-the-counter cream out there, but you still get multiple yeast infections every year or even in a month. Why is this happening?

One reason is because you’re not treating the root cause of your yeast infections. With every medication you use, you are killing the weaker yeast cells and leaving the strong ones to proliferate and take over. This vicious cycle keeps going with every cream, every pill, and every suppository you use. The key is to break the cycle by getting to the cause of the infections. So what is the root cause, you may ask? Well, here are some ideas.

Diet is a huge factor when it comes to stopping multiple yeast infections. By cutting out or greatly reducing sugar and carbohydrates, you will essentially starve the uber yeast, and they will begin to die. Click here to learn how to stop multiple yeast infections permanently.

Eating more green vegetables will give you the vitamins and nutrients you need to build your immune system back up, making it better equipped to fight off lesser infection in the future.

Stopping antibiotics can also greatly reduce your tendency towards multiple yeast infections. Antibiotics work by killing both good and bad bacteria in your body, leaving it susceptible to numerous infections. You are essentially leaving your body vulnerable to whatever Mother Nature wants to throw at it.

Adding plain, highly cultured yogurt will also be extremely helpful in getting your good bacteria back into balance after a round of antibiotics. You can ingest or use the yogurt topically–or internally even–to reintroduce the good bacteria back into the body.

Another possible reason for multiple yeast infections could be that you and your partner are passing it back and forth to each other. Men can get yeast infections and experience the same symptoms that women do. If he has it and you have unprotected sex with him, the likelihood of you getting it is high.

You will both need to be tested and treated for yeast overgrowth and will need abstain from unprotected sexual intercourse until both of you have cleared your symptoms entirely.

These are just some ideas as to why you have multiple yeast infections. Hopefully they help give you some direction and some hope.

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