Is Yeast Infection Bleeding Normal?

yeast infection bleedingWhen the sight of blood accompanies the horrible symptoms of a yeast infection, you can’t help but wonder if yeast infection bleeding is normal. Take a deep breath, because it is quite normal for the sight of a yeast infection to bleed.

For those with an oral yeast infection known as thrush, they will see white patches on the inside of their mouths and on their tongues. When these white patches get brushed by food or your fingernail, they will tend to bleed and cause great discomfort. This is normal and should not cause alarm. Just remember to leave the infected area alone and try either a doctor’s prescription or a homeopathic remedy to cure your symptoms.

Bleeding during a vaginal yeast infection will more than likely come from tiny fissures in the labia due to excessive itching or wiping with toilet paper. Again, this is normal and will go away when the area isn’t constantly being irritated by your scratching.

As for skin yeast infections, continuous scratching of the affected area will again result in bleeding. You’ll eventually leave numerous tiny scratches on the surface of your skin that will break open and bleed. These little scratches may let in a secondary infection and cause you even more problems in the long run.

Your best bet is to treat the yeast infection as soon as you feel any symptoms coming on. This will save your sanity and your body from possibly more damage in the long run. Click Here to Learn How to Handle Yeast Infection Properly

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